I haven't joined yet either. Three reasons:

(1) I would have to join as a vendor, since I am a consultant - and I can't as yet see the ROI.

(2) I see the similarities here to another group that I belonged to ... and I don't want to go down that path again.

(3) I have a real problem with joining a group where participants pick and choose what laws and regulations they will and will not follow - and try to rally people to oppose such laws.

Now you can argue all day about whether I am right or wrong in this viewpoint, but that is MY perspective and you cannot change that no matter how much arguing you do.

Let's use a real world analogy. Let's say this was a NASCAR list. And I got a speeding ticket on I-4 going 88 in a 70 when there were maybe 5 cars on that stretch of straight, flat plain, 3-lane highway. And I moan about the ticket and how unfair it was. "It was entrapment. The cop was in a unmarked car hidden behind a concrete barrier. So what if I was speeding! There was no one around. Blah blah blah." It's a banal argument and a waste of bytes - and an admission of guilt.


Peter @ RAD-INFO, Inc.

Blair Davis wrote:

On another subject....

Two months ago, we were ready to join WISPA. At the time, I felt that WISPA had proven its longevity and was becoming a mature voice for the WISP's. But, after the form 477 issue, FCC sticker issue, and now the CALEA issue, I'm pretty sure that I disagree with the majority of the members on what stance should be taken on these issues.

That being the case, why should I still join?

Blair Davis
West Michigan Wireless ISP

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