I'll take Sam's advice and pre-plan.

Couple of notes:

The ISPCON is at the Rosen Centre Hotel @ 9840 International Drive, Orlando, Florida 32819, not to be confused with the Rosen Plaza Hotel @ 9700 International Drive. Use Kayak.com to find your best room rate near here.

There are two entertainment spots within 2 miles on International Drive: Pointe Orlando (http://www.pointeorlando.com/) and the Mercado. (There's a trolley available on International Drive, but traffic is so deep, walking can be faster).

How about dinner on May 23 at Maggiano’s Little Italy? After dinner there are many bars available in the Pointe Orlando complex. (On May 24 is ISP-CEO).

Why attend the show? The exhibits and the education. Lots of case studies are being lined up for this one.

Hope to see you there. RSVP for the dinner so I can save a private room.



Dawn DiPietro wrote:


I have been working on that very issue for the last few weeks and will keep you all posted. There are a ton of choices of restaurants north of the conference hotel about 2 miles on International Drive but I have no prior experience with the area so some input from Peter would definitely be in order. A few places have complimentary shuttles. ;-)

Suggestions from those who might be attending would be greatly appreciated.

Dawn DiPietro

Sam Tetherow wrote:

Now I really wish I could make it in May with Peter planning the extra curricular. Honestly, I would avoid the poker as it really does kill the conversation for the most part. An organized dinner as well as finding a decent bar that is within walking distance of most of the hotels, both announced prior to the conference would probably help to get more people together after hours.

Sam Tetherow
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