Dawn DiPietro wrote:

If you think you are under the radar you are sorely mistaken. You admitted on a public list that gear you use is not certified.

Dawn DiPietro

Yeah, but your over the limit! :)

I just want to know why the feds don't just drive on over to Teletronics in Maryland and shut them down? Heck why go after a 3000 little guys when you can go after one big guy. They've been selling unlicensed amplifiers and uncertified systems for as long as I can remember. Heck, talk about posting a message on this list, what about having a full blown catalog online advertizing US sales with prices next to them?

I believe they should have spent the 3 or 4 g's to get the systems they sell certified before they sold them.

They make millions easily selling uncertified gear and it's not a secret.

Lets look at this from all points of view.

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