On Thu, 2007-05-10 at 09:37 -0400, Dawn DiPietro wrote:
> Marlon,
> I have been reading the WISPA CALEA FAQ and was a little concerned about 
> question #10. If the LEA does not know who the suspect is using an open 
> access point does this mean that everyone that has used that access 
> point will have their data handed over to the LEA? It would seem that if 
> the LEA is only allowed to receive the data requested in the subpoena 
> this would be a violation.

I asked a similar question in the Bear Hill webinar.  I had asked about
private IPs and how the request would be made to us, would it be an IP
or name, unfortunately it can be either one.  We would most likely need
to provide the data from that IP if that is how the request was made.
Now with a tap of a external IP of a private IP range, you would have to
provide the data from the inside of the network, so that they could
analyze it and determine what internal IP is the suspect.

I have only been working in this industry for a little under a year and
I have been amazed at the use of private IPs for customers.  We have
them setup here, in my opinion it cause more trouble than its worth  I
hope to move away from private IPs over the next year.  They will still
exist in our network for networking devices, but ideally no more
customers would get them.
> As far as I can tell question #15 does not get answered in the paragraph 
> following the question. It talks more about acceptable billing and the 
> fact that WISPA might have a solution in the future.
> One of the questions in section 23 asks "Does the FBI speak for other 
> LEA's?". Unless I am mistaken this question does not get answered.
> Also the document says over and over again that the LEA's will work with 
> WISP's, which sounds like there is no easy way this can always be done 
> transparently with the current broadband equipment deployed by WISP's. 
> So the workaround is the WISP should give them the all the data from the 
> device in question and the LEA's will sort it out and separate it.
> If I am out of line please let me know but if I have questions about the 
> FAQ then I am guessing there are others that do too.
> Regards,
> Dawn DiPietro

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