I did a few tests at the East Lansing Starbucks. I start the call on WiFi and walk out the front door. By the time I'm 20' away it has switched over to a tower. I didn't detect any noise during the switch, but I was outside next to a 3 lane road.

Unfortunately that doesn't work at my house. If I move out of Wifi range (currently about 20' from my porch for this phone), it drops the call. I need to move about 7 miles before I can reliably hit a T- Mobile tower.

The Starbucks has a T-Mobile Hotspot, the phone usually automatically switches over to WiFi there. (I think that is how it is supposed to work) Still a few bugs in the system: sometimes I have to use the phone menu to search for WiFi at Starbucks, then pick the Hotspot. It automatically connects, don't have to enter a security code or anything. And rarely I have to power cycle the phone before it will connect via WiFi.

On Jul 20, 2007, at 8:54 PM, Felix A. Lopez wrote:

Nice write up John. I have Sprint network with Samsung
phone unfortunately locked in for 2 years.  However,
the T-Mobile offering looks appealing.  So you had
session persistance? Nice. Can you re-clarify that you
did not have to re-authenticate at all? For example
let's say you walk out of Starbucks. Doese the cell
phone seamlessly switch to the TMobile carrier
network?  Thanks.  F.

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