Clint Ricker wrote:
Matt, I'm understanding from you that if there was a good way to do
this, you'd definitely be interested?  Is anyone else out there
potentially interested?

This is an area that I've been working in for quite a while now, and
the technology is there and deployable.

There are two main obstacles, however.
1. Getting programming
2. Upfront costs of deployment (video headend infrastructures are not cheap...)

The first obstacle is by far the biggest one. The head-end infrastructure is really not that bad. In fact, in our case where we only want 4 channels it is pretty cheap.

Both of those are not really issues, but do require a bit of scale....
 I'm working on a good platform to be able to do this on a centralized
level that can then support multiple, smaller service providers.  I'm
interested in seeing if this is of interest to a large enough userbase
through WISPs to make it worth the effort in building in support for
those customers...

We are ready for the solution should it present itself. We have our own fiber backbone that we operate at 10gig currently. Further, we are multicast enabled and have all the traffic separation technologies needed as part of providing our existing VoIP service.

Again, just waiting on the solution to present itself.


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