Patrick, thanks for the follow up. True, I am very fortunate and lucky indeed. I did not loose any money with my shares and not all the ISP's can say that. Some were only able to sell MOBL after it fell into the teens or lower. I still have a beautiful wife and two healthy/smart kids. And my Dad. Friends that wish to help..... And a crazy new community website software package that I created and don't know what to do with! :)


At 10:21 AM 9/13/2007, Patrick Leary wrote:
Quite a story Allen. I am aware of some minor parts of the MobilePRO
saga. Bruce Sanquinetti was the former president of the U.S. subsidiary
of BreezeCOM. He left BreezeCOM the same week I joined in August of
1999. He was a pretty mercurial guy from what I gathered by those that
had worked with him. I am glad he left (or was asked to leave, I don't
know which), because the corporate culture I have always worked under
and tried to foster is a much different type and Lord knows I don't do
well with autocrats -- I am, er, a bit too opinionated. I am now into my
9th year.

Anyway, after BreezeCOM Bruce went on looking for the Next Big Thing,
first trying to lead the old Wave Wireless out of Sarasota, FL. That did
not go so well and he went on to start-up a new chip company. That went
south and the next I heard was that he had joined MobilePRO. I think he
did that for only about a year, then left that too. I have no idea what
he is up to now.

Your tale is certainly a cautionary one. My advice to WISPs is that if
you are trying to exit via a sale of the company you built with your
blood, sweat, tears and personal dollars ONLY sell for cash. Fortunately
Allen you did get 1/2 in cash and you were smart enough to sell your
shares as soon as you could.



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