Hi all,

Today we finished replacing our long Trango links with StarOS links, WAR-4 boards running version 3 of StarOS - hooked up to 4' Radiowaves dishes.
Here are the results:

42 mile shot
10mhz channel size
-58 signal strength
10-12meg throughput

62 mile shot
10mhz channel size
-60 signal strength
8-10meg throughput

I am fairly happy with the links, and they are pushing about double what our Trango Tlink-10 radios were able to handle. I thought they would be able to deliver a little bit higher speed, but it doesn't look like I'm going to be able to get any more out of them. If only I had sprung for the dual polarity feedhorns, I would be able to put two radios on each side and test the full duplex performance of StarOS on these links. I'm guessing that the full duplex shots would be in the 30-40 meg range in both directions since they would not have to deal with the mileage issues. What is really amazing to me is the signal strength. These are the only two links where we use the 4' dishes, and they are the strongest backhaul signals that we have on our network, even though they are the longest. I know that the 2x cloaking is part of that, but it still blows me away.

Matt Larsen


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