On Thu, 1 May 2008, Travis Johnson wrote:

>I have several school districts looking for a way to monitor their 
>internet traffic. They want to see where each IP address is going, 
>etc. They do NOT need filtering or any bandwidth management or 
>anything like that... just a reporting system. It can't be a proxy 
>system or anything that will require them to change all the client 

I know of several school districts using ClarkConnect software.  It 
is a Linux based device that has some capabilities like this.  I 
have another customer using Smoothwall (http://smoothwall.net/) as 
well.  In fact, one such customer is using the Mikrotik router to 
force connections to transparently proxy behind the smoothwall box. 
I haven't seen the smoothwall interface, so I can't speak for it 
specifically, but my understanding is that what they wanted was a 
way to track websites that were being used.

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