Wondering why someone would start 28 businesses.

But, whatever the case, I think I grasp the relevant facts here...

There's a few people here who have Rockefeller envy... they want to be 
'titans of industry" and to them, that means playing in the sandbox with 
public money, high roller financing, and the list goes on.

And the easiest way, is to convince the government to fund them.

And you, then, are my political enemy.   I am sick and tired of my tax 
dollars going to buy this or that, or to fund the dreams of elected folks 
who campaign for re-election by saying "I brought you (insert favorite 
service here)".   I am old school.   Let the people meet the needs of each 
other, and if there's a disagreement, work it out.   We don't need Big 
Brother in this.  I'll bet just about every one of you has said this.  But, 
I remember the chorus of hope when someone started talking about getting USF 
funding coming their way.   let me guess, you hate your taxes wasted, but 
love it when someone else's wasted taxes come your way and into YOUR 

I don't want any federal funding, state funding.   I don't want "utility" 
status.   I want to provide the services that people need, evolve with the 
times, and I'm in this for the long term.   30 years, minimum.  I have no 
wish to be in a regulatory straightjacket, or have my prices set by someone 
else, nor have the services I offer restricted, mandated, or otherwise 
demanded by some meddlesome idiot who is otherwise incapable of earning a 
living except by rising to the level of utter incompetence (government).

And I want to be left the hell alone.    I don't have any fear of 
competition, technological change, or obsolescence.    I can handle those 
things just fine.

But, apparently, this is not the "dream" of the folks here.   Somehow that 
dream involves status, power, recognition, and some ego-stroking.  And 
public money and apparently, a feeling of not "being there" yet because you 
haven't gotten enough status to be on par with AT&T or ComCast with the big 
boys in DC.

I did believe in WISPA when it started, I once was a paid member, because it 
seemed we all had the same dream at one time.  I'm still exactly who i was I 
started.   But someone, somewhere, got a "taste" of something they think is 
more exciting or something, and now they're running the show.  Well, the 
"big boys" don't c are about you right now.   But if you play the game long 
enough, they will.  And you will disappear as quickly as you came... and 
sadly, you'll take down the rest of us with you when you flame out playing 
the political game.   The thing about playing with fire in DC, is that you 
will get burned.  I am not interested in playing with fire.  I want it out. 
I want to be left alone.  I want the FCC, the state, the PUC, etc, the hell 
away from me.

No wonder I threaten and annoy you.   Simple entrepreneurism isn't 
compatible with dreams of bing one of the titans of industry.

Ahh, well, what can I say.   WISPA's co-opted and orindary Joe's aren't 
getting it back any time soon.

Good luck.   And some day when you're really needing those guys with the 
determination and guts, instead of the quick buck artists...  We'll all 
still be around, quietly doing our thing.   And a few will be left to say "I 
told you so".

I'll just stay out of the conversation... but you all had better have it.

And the question for that conversation is:   What kind of business do you 
want to be in?   What is the nature, style, and character of the business 
you want to be in?   There's lots of you still here that were pioneers. 
You started when nobody had heard of 'wireless internet' and you branded it 
yourself and made your own market.   You suffered through the teething and 
breaking in of a new notion and you learned through all the trial and error 
along the way.   You probably recall the struggle to pay the VISA with the 
mastercard and wondering how to pay for the CPE coming in COD.   And you 
remember what it was like when you worked a 22 hour day because that's what 
it took to get something done and things back up and going.

Do you want to be next McDonald's "common commodity" controlled by rules and 
choices made over your head...  If so, these folks have great ideas for 
getting you what you want.   If not, then you gotta fight on your hands 
sooner or later.

Of course, the easier fight is now, but the course is set, it's nearly 
irreversable.  They're on a campaign to raise the capital requirements sky 
high, to weed out anyone not sufficiently elite.   Why, if you haven't 
started 28 businesses in 35 years, you're pig poop.   Over the last couple 
of years, a lot of the more influential types have repeated the desired 
intent to have great consolidation and "weeding out" the smaller, often 
referred to as "maturing" of our industry.   Some are still involved with 
WISPA.   some left.

They're not your friend or mine.   they have one friend only and they see 
that friend in the mirror daily.  People like me embarrass them.

And, whatever the outcome, it's going to be a "different" ride.   See you on 
the other side.  Don't take any wooden nickels.

<insert witty tagline here>

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> Why don't you share your CV?
> (I have just completed the start up of by 28th business.  Never had a
> bankruptcy.  Never have had an employee miss a paycheck.
> And estate planning is something that is increasingly taking more of my 
> time
> these days.)
> So mister expert on all things business and industry, lets hear the bio. 
> We
> need schooled obviously.
> How old are you anyhow?
>>> Sure I'm trolling, Ryan.
>>> Just name for me the last ten successful small electric utility 
>>> startups.
>>> See if you can find for me the last ten ILEC's to start up as a "small
>>> business".
>>> And name for me the last 10 cities you know of with competitive water or
>>> sewage companies.
>>> And then remind me again why it's "good" that we become a "regulated
>>> public
>>> utility"?
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