On Aug 9, 2008, at 8:41 AM, Chuck McCown - 3 wrote:

> We use a hybrid approach, asterisk for many things, and a Vox like  
> company
> (it may even be Vox, not sure as I just approve the payments, Bryan  
> is the
> one that vetted the company).  Our VoiP system is form fit and  
> function
> equivalent to a wired telephone from Qwest.  We even port their  
> Qwest number
> to our system and do E-911 in the same way.

XO does the inbound, ZCorum does the outbound.  Both providers talk  
SIP to our switching equipment; customers hang off Asterisk (which is  
tethered to the switches via SIP).  Gives all of our customers the  
best of both (IP & PSTN) worlds.

Billing, as already mentioned, is simplistic with an all-you-can-eat  
approach.  Our switches provide the CDRs, as does ZCorum, so we can  
check things if it gets a little hairy.

-- Bryan

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