Faisal Imtiaz wrote:
> To answer the original question that was asked.
> Where to start:
>  Start with Arin's web site, fill out the form, send it in, and feel free to
> talk to them on the phone.
>  They may come across rather 'stiff' via email communication, howerver on
> the phone they are very helpful.

Yep. I have dealt with them via e-mail and it's been pleasant so far but 
I hear that working with them on the phone is often better.
> IPv4 vs. IPv6....  Well IPv4 is the defacto working standard, IPv6 is
> something we all will have to move towards a bit further down the road. I
> belive today if you ask of IPv4 they are also willing to allocate you IPv6
> space.
> It does not hurt to have the allocation.

It certainly doesn't.
> For an ISP to get IP Address space allocated they have to meet one of two
> Requirements. Either show justification for a /22 or larger, or show
> intent/proof for being multi-homed running BGP.

Yep. This is well documented at ARIN. You'll need to be multihomed 
within 30 days to get a number. I am not sure if multihomed means just 
multiple POP or multiple carriers (which could be in the same POP)

> So while you are in this process with ARIN you may also want to get your ASN
> number. Better do it now while they are still issuing Single byte word
> address (I may not be using the right lingo here) , otherwise you may ...may
> run into equipment compatibility issues. 

You are correct. Get an Autonomous System number now. (ASN is redundant 
btw :)
> It is a process, but not a daunting one, don't be shy in asking them for
> help. One of their primary missions is to help the ISP's.
> Regards.
> Faisal Imtiaz
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> Hey guys and gals,
> We are looking at our first redundant fiber connection from a second carrier
> and feeling the need to have our own IPs so that this will work out well.
> Anybody have advice on where to start with ARIN, besides just fishing around
> on the website, and what should we be looking at buying. We have a little
> over 350 subs right now and growing about 30 subs/month on average. We have
> a block of 2000 IPs from AT&T.
> We want to plan for future growth, and for IPv6....any advice?
> Thanks,
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