On Sat, 20 Sep 2008, Travis Johnson wrote:

>I'm looking for a recommendation on an Ethernet router (two ports 
>or more) that is somewhere in between a $50 Linksys and a $500 
>Cisco ASA. Something that will do some basic QoS would be nice. Any 

Mikrotik's 400 series routers are very good for this purpose.  They 
are, in my opinion, better in most respects than either of the 
devices you mention, but cost is between your numbers.  ;-)  You can 
get from 1 to 9 ethernet ports for less than $200 with all the power 
you need to run good QOS management.  Another alternative, though 
I'm not sure it would fit in the price model you mention, is 
ImageStream.  They have all the power of Linux with the benefit of 
tested package interactions.  VERY nice solution.

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