Keep in mind that there are plenty of Mikrotik Training courses, both 
on-line, and on-site courses available in the US and around the world!   
There are already courses offered in 4 days, both again, on-line and in 
person.  Just hit for training! 

We already use VoIP on all of our courses!   You can call into a number 
if you wish!  We have students all over the world using the VoIP and 
don't have much issues.  You can simply ask questions, not to mention we 
have SEVERAL Certified Engineers answering questions, not just one! 

Also, within 2 months, we will have each session available so that you 
can simply watch them ON-DEMAND!  Of course, this is not as good as 
having a LIVE instructor that you can ask questions with.  But still 
gets you the information! 

* Dennis Burgess, CCNA, A+, Mikrotik Certified Trainer
Link Technologies, Inc -- Mikrotik & WISP Support Services*
314-735-0270 <>

*/ Link Technologies, Inc is offering LIVE Mikrotik On-Line Training 

Butch Evans wrote:
> On Sat, 27 Sep 2008, Forbes Mercy wrote:
>> Since you guide people to training I was wondering if there is a 
>> down and dirty course on getting the best out of Microtik radios, 
>> including programming, diagnosing problems and optimizing the 
>> features.  I have found some but they are usually a grand and last 
>> for months.  I'd like to find something a bit lower and quicker, 
>> any ideas?
> Actually, Forbes, I will let ya in on a little secret.  Just don't 
> tell anyone.  ;-)  I am nearly done with some very unique training 
> courses.  Each will be very short and will cover very specific 
> topics.  The method to access this information is an upcoming 
> announcement, but should be very soon (about a month).  I can tell 
> you that you will see more than just Mikrotik resources, too.
> You can make suggestions for topics you'd like to see if you like. 
> I set up a temporary wiki site at

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