Frank Muto wrote:
> As a ENET distributor, I'll agree with Mark. After testing various hosted 
> services for 18 months, I decided on ENET back in 
> 2006. For a hosted service I feel it is the best all around email service you 
> can offer your customers. We use ENET mostly 
> for backup continuity and for clients looking for a less expensive 
> alternative to in-house Exchange, or hosted Exchange. We 
> have the full compliment to offer, IMAP, POP3, Webmail and a customizable 
> portal.

A personal project of mine, several years ago, involved a clever domain 
name and giving away free email addresses. At the time, I picked to do this, because in mid-2000 they were just about the 
only ones doing it.

Their Webmail interface was horribly clunky even at the time, and 
IMAP/POP3 were an extra twenty bucks per user, per year. (And they 
missed no opportunity to try to bug your end-users about that. For a 
while, you had to click through the "upgrade now" screen with every 
login.) The ridiculous number of Flash ads with sound, pop-ups, 
pop-unders, and at least one alleged attempt to drive-by install spyware 
on a user's PC in '05 (wasn't my computer, so I can't verify it) drove 
me batty.

Oh, and every time I got close to them owing me money as part of the 
ad-sharing, the cutoff before they'd send you a check mysteriously went 
up. They still owe me almost $100 that I expect I'll never see.

Keep in mind, though, this was for their free service; maybe the paid 
email hosting service is better.

As with any service, when you can, try before you buy.

David Smith

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