My congressman (actually woman) voted no on the stimulus package.  I've known 
her for years so I felt OK being more personal than I normally would.  I 
thought it important to tell her that I LIKED her vote.  Info on how to contact 
your representatives is listed below....

Hi Cathy,

I just wanted to drop you a note and give you a great big THANK YOU for trying 
to stop the madness.

Keep voting against more government fraud, waste and abuse.

Once the pork barrel (er, uh, sorry, stimulus bill) gets railroaded through I 
hope you can find a way to insure that the funds go to small businesses with 
lots and lots of small projects.  Anything else will take far too long to 
actually be helpful.  Any applications will also need to be greatly streamlined 
from normal government requirements.

I would be more than happy to help in regards to my industry segment.  
(Wireless Internet Service Provider)

Thanks again for doing the right thing.

Marlon K. Schafer
Odessa Office Equipment

(509) 982-2181                                   
(408) 907-6910 (Vonage)                    Consulting services
42846865 (icq)                                    WISP Operator since 1999!

To all,


Here are websites that you can find your US Senators and Representatives.  I 
just sent a letter to my two Senators in Indiana.  It is important that 
everyone do this and make sure the Senators understand the importance WISPs 
have had in rural broadband and how important we are in the future.  We can 
send them a more unified message as the legislative committee gets it refined.  
I think it is important to get on the radar screen early though.  Make an 
introduction of your company and your locations





Rick Harnish




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