This has been an outstanding thread I have enjoyed reading - and learned a 
bit in the process...  thanks.

I'll just add that while we are trying to keep the numbers trained to a 
common wisp - either you guys have a lucky horse shoe or achieving a 
$5000/mo revenue on one ap is a bit outside the avg...  At least for 
discussion sake.  But - even at 1/5th of that your argument still holds 
true for the most part.  Its just that you add in 900mhz (not as common) 
and all the lower power 5Ghz spectrum available now, 2.4Ghz etc and also 
mention you can run MT stuff on 10Mhz channels and you just effectively 
doubled your options based on what type of clients you are servicing etc... 
 Then theres radios that have GPS sync for spectrum reuse etc and the 
conversation starts to get a lot more complex :)

But, in any case this has been an eye-opening discussion...  

Scott Carullo
Brevard Wireless
321-205-1100 x102

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> From: "Charles Wu" 
> Sent: Friday, April 10, 2009 2:47 PM
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> Subject: Re: [WISPA] High Throughput Licensed vs. Unlicensed
> >I do see Travis's point about the longer range shots, however.   I've 
> >got a 35, 45 and 65 mile shots with StarOS and they work just fine but 
> >only put out about 18-25meg at those distances.   That's enough for me, 

> >but I can see where you would want more capacity and I suppose that 
> >within that narrow definition, a PTP600 would be better than a licensed 

> >link.
> Make no mistake, the PTP600, even though it's almost 5 years old, is 
still one (if not the) best UL radio on the market from a pure 
technological perspective -- no other radio has it's combination of 1024FFT 
OFDM, Space-Time-Coding, MIMO, etc
> Makes you wonder what planet Motorola / Orthogon raided to get the 
engineers who built that radio =)
> And I'm sure many on the list can attest to the wonderful things that a 
PTP600 does / can do
> However, the discussion has to come back to the reality that we don't 
work for the government (and can't print money or write stimulus bills on a 
whim), and as a result, have to figure out a way to make a buck so we can 
feed the dog, buy gas, pay for those ski trips in Utah...
> That said, we get back to "bang for buck" or "good enough"
> True, the PTP600 will generally work for all scenarios, but it's akin to 
killing a bug with a nuclear warhead -- it's a lot more cost effective (and 
there's less collateral damage) if you just step on it with your shoe
> So, for the 1% of times when you need to shoot 50+ miles while bouncing 
off 2 different mountains, the PTP600 will be your best bet
> But for the other 90% of the time, when you have a 10-20 mile shot and 
want something that reliable, carrier-class, and interference / spectrum 
isn't an issue, many are using Mikrotiks / StarOS / Trango Atlas / name 
your own cheap but decent proprietary Atheros-based system out there
> Now, I'm personally extremely cheap, but the argument is over because you 
can't just look at up-front price because long-term cost is just as (if not 
more) important when talking about WISP networks
> That said, being a slow day, it's worth exercising one's mind to analyze 
possible "what-if" alternative situations -- bear with me here and follow 
my logic here...
(b/c ultimately, it's the only thing that generates revenue, and like it or 
not, the #1 determinant in valuing a WISP, or any business for the matter, 
> In optimal conditions, there's 125 MHz of clean spectrum (6 channels)
> Assuming you can make $5k / month per AP (or channel) -- as spectrum gets 
limited, the decision will ultimately boil down to
> 1. Pay $2k for a cheap Atheros based backhaul to bring 30 Mb to your 
tower and lose 1 channel (or $5k / month in revenue)
> 2. Run that backhaul in turbo mode, get 50 Mb at your tower, and now lose 
2 channels (or $10k / month in revenue)
> 3. Pay an extra $10k for a LICENSED BACKHAUL that frees up more spectrum 
for multipoint, and never have to worry about interference on your backhaul 
ever again -- and make an extra $5-10k / month b/c you can add more 
customers on your tower
> Some food for thought =)
> -Charles
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