Names have been changed to protect the ignorant.

I want to vent for a minute on a marketing practice with some wireless 
equipment vendors that really just doesn't work for me, or maybe I just 
don't get it.

I get emails all the time inviting me to be a "SuperAirPlusExtremeMax 
Partner" from one vendor or another.  Apparently, without becoming a 
"Partner" I cannot really learn useful information about their products 
(like price).  I can read through their  marketing  fluff on their web 
site, and can sometimes download spec sheets on the products (some 
require partnership registration to even do this).  In order to become a 
"partner" I usually have to sit through a webinar to have more marketing 
fluff pushed at me.

Just give me the meat.  I pretty much know what I can get Canopy, 
Dragonwave, Tranzeo, Trango, etc. for.  I can freely read forums on many 
of these more "open" vendor sites as I investigate where I want to 
invest.  I don't need a "partnership" commitment and a marketing guy to 
push his "spiffed" products on me.  I can ask for information if I need 
it, and be enticed into "partnership" programs that offer me better 
discounts after I narrow my choices down. 

To make matters worse, on one particular site, I have signed up at least 
twice to be a "partner" and still have no clue why I would choose that 
company as a vendor vs another.  I got one call from a marketing guy ( 
who no longer works there ) who never returned later emails or phone 
calls with specific questions about the products.  Guess I wasn't 
"worthy" of their time or "partnership."

Just open up the information, answer our questions publicly, and let us 
scrutinize them and compare stories.  I'll never buy your products 
otherwise.  I don't care to be part of a secret society just to get the 
information I need to make sound business decisions. 

Am I alone?

Randy Cosby
Vice President
InfoWest, Inc

work: 435-773-6071

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