So the boss said clean out the shop, I said ok..

So I'm going through shelved gear, and low and behold I find a few gems I
thought I'd offer first dibs to the list.

I have to get rid of:

1 Trango M5830-S-AP-60 Rev A  $300.00
3 Trango M5830-S-SU Rev A  $125.00 each
1 Trango P5830-S-MU Rev A  $150.00
1 Trango P5830-RU Rev A      $150.00
1 Fox5800 M5800S-FSU Rev 1 $100.00

1 PCOM 38Ghz DS3 Backhaul plus 2 extra IDU's and a pair of fiber to DS3
converters.  $500.00

4 Patton 2996 Ras servers 96 ports each $2,000 each
(I have tons of Lucent RAS gear as well if anyone is interested.)

If anyone is interested please email me offlist
Boss has given me the go to consider offers as well.

We will trade for Canopy 5.2SM's or 2.4Ghz SM's P8 or better.


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