Are these PTP or PTMP links? I have a couple of my PTP links do this also. 
Mainly around the Mobile county AL area. It appears that the noise floor 
increases at night. The two common things between our areas is that it is a 
coastal area and close to the oil and gas fields.

Joe Miller

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So, what causes this crazy loss on all of my 'longer' 5.8 links after
dark/overnight? Temp drop? Contraction? Condensation? Moonbeams?

More importantly, is there anything I can do about it? Anyone else dealing
with it?

Links are N-S, E-W and NE-SW, different brands radios, but all in the ISM
5.8 spectrum. Can start as early as 8pm but usually after midnight. Goes
until the suns been up 1 to 3 hours. Doesn't happen every day, but seems to
be predominant in the summer when we get over 90 degrees with 90% humidity
and then the afternoon/evening rain from the buildup. I see it happening to
short links also, just doesn't get bad enough to "drop".

Ideas?[image: 2009-08-07_221007.jpg]

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