This is from the Tower Pro list.  I have nothing to do with the equipment.  
It is posted for information only.  If you buy any tell Zack to mail the 10% 
check to WISPA. 


Hey all
I recently got the opportunity to buy a lot of refurbished Tropos Wifi units 
that go on top of light poles. Ive been able to use a few on some local 
projects but am looking to unload the remainder of them. If anyone has a 
lead that produces a sale I'd give that person a 10% commission on it. I'm 
looking to move either the whole lot or lots of 100 at a minimum. No small 
lots. Ive got 600 refurbished Tropos 5210-3000 units. New they go for about 
$3k each but I'm asking $450 each on these units. They all come with new 
antennas (critical) and the original photovoltaic power cords and sun 
shields. As I indicated they are used/refurbished but in good working order. 
Terms would be as is where is. 

Given that some of you might be doing the ATT WiFi installations I figured I 
would throw it out here and see if someone wants to make some easy money and 
get these off my hands. Thanks for the help, stay safe. 

Zach Morley



Bob Moldashel
Lakeland Communications, Inc.
1350 Lincoln Avenue
Holbrook, NY 11741
631-286-8873 Fax
516-551-1131 Cell

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