On Thu, 2009-10-08 at 16:37 -0400, Cameron Kilton wrote: 
> We want Customer to plug in device and get a DHCP address, easy right.
> Okay hard part, without the use of Mac addresses how can we tell which
> customers are what and log this into a database. Is there a way to
> control this via the radio? 

Without being familiar with Alvarion gear, I'd guess this will be tough.
Are you wanting to provide public or private IP space via dhcp?  If it's
private, you could always build a vlan from your core router out to each
subscriber.  I am fairly certain that is something that Alvarion does.
This would be the only idea I have.

> We don't want to use PPPoE so that option is out, we currently provide
> Static IP numbers for everybody but would like to get away from this in
> certain (cheaper) markets. 

Not sure why PPPoE is "out".  It would be the best option if you don't
want to collect MAC addresses.

> Come on guys, hit me with your best ideas on this one. Were at a wall.

Why would you NOT be willing to collect MAC addresses?  It is not that
difficult to do, unless you're looking at some type of hotspot where you
won't know the customers who are connecting.

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