I don't know about WRAP, but for War2 boards I'm pretty sure you need  
to ssh (putty) into it, go into System ... System Console. Then type  
in "system factory".  That resets everything to factory defaults (ip  
address, passwords, everything)

You can do the same process on War1 boards, but they also have a reset  
switch that does the same thing. (little pushbutton, next to DC power  
connector I think)

On Nov 18, 2009, at 2:41 PM, Steve Barnes wrote:

> I am changing all my network out to Mikrotik and have 8 various  
> StarOS War1, War2, and Wrap boards that I plan to sell on Ebay.  I  
> never really learned how to mess with these so is there a easy way  
> to reset all these back to factory or do I have to do it one at a  
> time with putty?  And what is the best way to clear the compact  
> flash on the Wrap boards.  With StarOS is there a easy way to do a  
> lookup for them like you do on the Mikrotik's with the ... button on  
> Winbox?

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