On Wed, 2009-11-11 at 13:52 -0800, Gary Garrett wrote: 
> Yes, this is the answer I am looking for.....
> Let me know when this is available / stable, 

It looks (so far) as though the system is performing VERY WELL.  Of the
ones that I have tested with, I have had very positive results.  One
thing to beware of is that this is not something that will run well on a
low end routerboard.  I have run it on RB600 with about 600 users behind
it, moving about 4k pps (aggregate) and it puts the cpu at 80-100%,
although it is still processing packets well, that is a pretty hard
limit for that platform.  I just installed one today on an RB1000 with
over 1500 users moving about 8k pps and it seems to run pretty well (cpu
hits as much as about 80%).  The 1500 user system is VERY congested, but
the initial impression of the system looks good. I need to evaluate more
data on these 2, which are the most critical tests so far, but both look
good in my initial evaluation and those of the network administrators.

> and you will soon become a rich man.

I'd like that VERY MUCH, but won't be holding my breath.  :-)

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