Confusing info on the net so I guess I better ask.  


I need to run a Cat5 line near 320 feet.  I know that over 300 could cause
issues but if I put my PoE switch about 20 or 30 feet in and then run the
rest of the way, will we be golden or will we risk attenuation?  Seems to be
confusion on the net over use of switch curing the attenuation.   Personally
I think the switch will make it all cool, just want to make sure.


I use outdoor, solid core, shielded, flooded cable with static drain.
Running it to a Mikrotik 600a using 4 R52N cards.  


Another thought, running 48v though 290 feet of solid core Cat5....  Do ya
think I'll have enough juice the end of the run to power up that 600a and
the 4 R52N's?


 Just so ya know.



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