Such revelations can be most helpful in guiding future actions.

however, public admissions of said revelations can be, err...   Well, I'll 
just pretend I never read it and you pretend you never said it...

Hey, anyone read the bit in the news... about the job you should be EVER so 
grateful you do NOT currently hold?

It seems that the "climate conference" in Denmark is open to specific 
organizations, which have to meet specific qualifications.   Best estimates 
say that approximately 35,000 to 40,000 people hold credentials to be 
admitted to the conference.

Some planner reserved a building that only holds about 15,000.    There's 
thousands of people who cannot get admission, though they have proper 
credentials.   Many of them are waiting outside for spaces to open up 
inside...  In sub zero (F) weather.

The story goes that in the minor leagues, a young and inexperienced relief 
pitcher was called in on the final inning, and second batter up drove a home 
run off the first pitch.    In the aftermath of the game,  the young pitcher 
discovered a famous pennant winning pitcher for a major league big city team 
was in the stands and he asked advice... "How would you have pitched that 
last one?"  he asked.    Without hesitation, the famous veteran said "Under 
an assumed name".

That planner should probably have done the same.


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