On 03/28/2010 03:50 PM, Lakeland wrote:
> Last I heard there were 2 engineers in the NYC office to cover 350+ annual 
> TV, radio station, maritime, radar, etc. inspections.  Do the math.  
> Including travel it just doesn't work and they are required to do the 
> inspections. Add that to interference complaints of licensed services by 
> other licensed operators, unauthorized broadcast pirates and tower painting 
> and lighting complaints and there is no time or resources to chase Part 15 
>  -vs- Part 15 complaints. Now, if it involves interference to a licensed 
> operator who the FCC is required by law to protect....  then yes it will 
> happen with the right evidence and information.. 
> I know of several cases where there was more than enough "evidence" 
> including pictures, statements, recordings, etc. and still nothing was done. 
> It just comes down to priorities. 
If the amps this other company is using is not part 15 accepted, then
they do want to know about it. Non-type accepted equip gets them going
as well.

My dad was the ass't EIC of the NYC Field Office until he retired in
'74. I've said this elsewhere, if you don't get Charly to move contact
your Congressman. Many times they had to do stuff because of some
Congress person interacting and contacting Washington.


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