I have avoided repeaters like the plague but I have a situation where I have 
one and I am looking for a better option.  When I started my wisp I was 100% 
Tranzeo.  At this one location I setup a CPE connected to a TR-6000 that has 2 
Ethernet ports that pass through POE.  I ran 1 Ethernet up the tower with a POE 
at the bottom, and a crossover in between.

I would like a similar layout for other locations.   Issue I see is that not 
many other units, UBNT or MT have a 2nd Ethernet that pass through POE?

How does everyone you get around this?  

Trying to stay cheaper than a RB433, 2 radios, and 2- antennas, box, pigtails, 
2 LMR cables.

Steve Barnes
RC-WiFi Wireless Internet Service

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