Well my bug has been sleeping so far :)  Have not noticed anything wrong, 
but I am very glad to hear they may have finally fixed the RPS re-enable 
problem that was a nice feature we had hoped to use to reduce cut-over time 
upon link failure.  Thanks for the info.

One quick question since this is the right crowd...   Does the FCC license 
for 11Ghz gear need to be posted somewhere at the tower site?  I'm guessing 
it does but I'm not positive and I haven't received them in the mail yet.

Scott Carullo
Brevard Wireless
321-205-1100 x102


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On Mon, Aug 23, 2010 at 15:01, Steven McGehee <l...@qx.net> wrote:

Just wanted to let you guys know, Trango released v1.3.0 today -- I was
talking to them on the phone and they mentioned it would go live this
week. It's on their FTP now, no release notes unfortunately.

You may want to be careful with this. I've been waiting for 1.3.0 to fix a 
pretty big showstopper bug (where RPS will disable the radio's data ports 
but not re-enable them later), and while there's something on their FTP 
dropbox, a Trango tech just told me that 1.3.0 hasn't yet officially been 
released because of a last-minute bug.

David Smith

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