Our network has a Ubiquiti 3.65 backhaul through an Adtran smart switch 
then to four rocket M5's plus some 2.4GHz radios plus a backhaul to 
another town.

Earlier this week we started getting calls from the Rocket customers who 
said their speeds were slow, primarily two of them pointing nearly the 
same direction, both have about 20 on them.  We worked on the settings 
for the backhaul... fixed.  Then today it started again.  Speedtest on 
three MB customers are 365K down and 1.5MB up.  The backhaul is pulling 
40MB and the pings to those complaining are perfect.  Another 5MB 
customer, 600K down and 800K up.

We don't know where to look, the switch is fairly new could that be it 
or could it be the radios pointing roughly the same direction are 
interfering but not affecting pings which is the normal symptom for 
that? vertical separation is 30 feet between the two rockets, one a 120 
the other a 90.  Any ideas?

Forbes Mercy
Washington Broadband, Inc.

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