We have several resorts and campgrounds and a fairground running UniFi AP's with  MT Hotspot / UserManager as the controller.

Works well for us.


On 9/20/2016 1:50 PM, Eagle One Wireless wrote:

Looking for some input. When we bought our wireless company we inherited a hotspot at a marina. We had to manually put in mac addresses in the AP’s in the beginning. It was brutal. So few years ago I found Chillifire.net and started using them with custom firmware for Rocket M2.

It really a lot of trouble because is there is issue they are in New Zealand so we might be down or having issues for couple days. Since its custom firmware I cant get much help.

Anyway fast forward to now. I was wondering what some of you are using at marinas? Ultimately this place doesn’t bring in much money as there is only a couple handfuls of customers that are there all the time. So I don’t want to spend a ton.

My other issue is coverage. That’s my biggest complaint there now. We have 1 AP on each covered dock. I have a total of 5 2.4 Aps in a small area and noise is an issue as well.


Have any of you tried the Outdoor Unifi with hotspot? If so how are your results?


They are only setup to get 4Mb each

I will attach a crude map of what it looks like as well.

We have a Rocket M5 at tower with sector. Each dock currently has a loco m5 feeding it. Rocket M2 with UBNT Omni on the dock. We also tried UBNT Sector and shot straight down dock but it didn’t help much really. Docks all have metal roof.





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