I can't imagine there's enough spectrum to do this. 

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Subject: [WISPA] Looking for opinions on a proposal for PTMP in 6Ghz Part 101 

WISPA has been asked to participate in a wireless industry push to explore 
unlicensed use in the current Part 101 6Ghz spectrum. The idea is to increase 
the current Part 15 allowed power limits and to bring in UNII rules, along with 
additional mitigations currently under study (e.g., sensing, database) to 
protect incumbents. As there are no federal users (other than PTP) this would 
not require the ESC system of CBRS and is potentially considerably simpler to 

The upside is significantly more spectrum availability in a high 
power/capacity/range band. The downside is some potential loss of geographic 
exclusivity and availability of new 6GHz Part 101 PTP links in exchange for 
greater reliance on the use of spectrum sharing mechanisms over time. 

I’m interested in opinions on how important 6Ghz PTP links are to the 
membership and for those who use them if there would be significant opposition 
to using the spectrum for Point to Multipoint. 


Mark Radabaugh 
WISPA FCC Committee Chair 

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