Count me in. The channel sizes available in 6 GHz don't allow enough bandwidth 
for current applications. I hardly see 6 GHz PCNs anymore.


On June 2, 2017 4:12:45 PM CDT, Mark Radabaugh <> wrote:
>WISPA has been asked to participate in a wireless industry push to
>explore unlicensed use in the current Part 101 6Ghz spectrum.    The
>idea is to increase the current Part 15 allowed power limits and to
>bring in UNII rules, along with additional mitigations currently under
>study (e.g., sensing, database) to protect incumbents.  As there are no
>federal users (other than PTP) this would not require the ESC system of
>CBRS and is potentially considerably simpler to implement.
>The upside is significantly more spectrum availability in a high
>power/capacity/range band.   The downside is some potential loss of
>geographic exclusivity and availability of new 6GHz Part 101 PTP links
>in exchange for greater reliance on the use of spectrum sharing
>mechanisms over time.
>I’m interested in opinions on how important 6Ghz PTP links are to the
>membership and for those who use them if there would be significant
>opposition to using the spectrum for Point to Multipoint.
>Mark Radabaugh
>WISPA FCC Committee Chair

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