Have you considered doing G.Fast on the copper phone lines going to each unit ? 
That might be a better alternative. 

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> Hello,

> We're setting up service in an MDU that has coax home-runs to each unit, but 
> no
> Ethernet. Normally in such situations, we deliver internet access wirelessly
> via access points in the hallways. Increasingly, however, interference and
> bandwidth expectations are making this solution less effective.

> So, we're looking for recommendations for an Ethernet-over-Coax solution. It
> absolutely must inject onto a cable already carrying broadcast TV signals. 
> We'd
> prefer a simple point-to-point solution, rather than a hub that simulates a
> switch, so that security between subscribers isn't based on firmware that was
> designed for (say) security cameras.

> I see inexpensive devices along these lines that are designed for Cable or
> Satellite TV signals, but no indication whether they would clobber broadcast 
> TV
> signals. Any suggestions?

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