Yes, we are located on an SBA tower and we had to meet many requirements before 
we were allowed to install and maintain equipment on their tower.  While 
initially it seemed to be a big pain, by the end we felt more comfortable that 
we were properly preparing our tower crews with the safety knowledge and skills 
which may ultimately save their life and our company.

Please contact me offline and I’ll see how we can be of help.

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I spent a couple weeks with it.  I just dropped the idea and hired a crew out 
of Columbus.

The health & safety document I "borrowed" from a large company out there and 
then started changing the words.  Avetta still said it would be 30/60/90+ days 
before they'd review it.

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On Wed, Jun 13, 2018 at 12:38 PM, Sean Heskett 
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Hello gang,

one of the towers we've been on for many years was sold to SBA.  SBA is now 
requiring that we get compliance certification from Avetta.  We've filled out 
the entire LONG questionnaire for Avetta however at the end they are asking us 
to upload a PDF of our "Safety & Health documentation".

Has anyone else on the list gone thru this process?  Does anyone on the list 
have a "Safety and Health doc" they'd be willing to share that we could use as 
a template?

Best regards,


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