--- Comment #2 from Stephen Donnelly <> ---
Currently the trace file comments themselves are duplicated between the
'Details' pane (near the bottom) and the 'trace file comments' edit box.

I think the 'trace file comments' edit box could be in a separate dialog?

If the edit box is retained, then I think it could default to a shorter height,
and/or could be adjustable.

The text in the Details pane does not copy/paste cleanly (at least in Windows).
Also the column widths in the Interfaces section are not optimized.

I'm not sure if tabs are needed, scroll widgets are present and may be
sufficient. If Tabs were introduced, how would the information be divided?

Possibly the Packet COmments could be on a separate pane, as there could be a
large number? The Packet Comments are also available via the Expert Info dialog
already, so maybe having them here is redundant?

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