Hi Juanjo,

2018-04-10 14:02 GMT+02:00 Juanjo Martin Carrascosa <jua...@rti.com>:

> Hi all,
> I am developing a plugin. It works for me but when I try to give it to
> other developers, some of them get the following error:
> I am using VS2012 in Windows 64 bits and I have asked one of the
> developers to try installing the redistributable for that version and still
> failing.
> I have tried searching in the code but I can't find anything that leads me
> to a solution. Any thoughts?

Just some blind guesses based on my past experience:
- have you built the plugin against the source code of Wireshark 2.4.X?
Wireshark does not ensure (understand systematically breaks in practice)
the API between major releases so a plugin built for Wireshark 2.5.1 cannot
work with Wireshark 2.4.5
- are they running a Wireshark version matching the architecture (x86 vs
x64) used to build the plugin (but if I remember correctly the error
differs in that case)?
- Wireshark 2.4.x official installers use MSVC2015, not 2012. Could you
build the plugin using MSVC2015 Community Edition and check whether it
works fine?

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