DIFXAppSample.msi is not able to install drivers properly.

I am trying to develop an installer (*.msi) to install drivers & application
using DIFxApp.msm.
(Toaster sample from WIN DDK)

I can merge DIFXApp.msm into the package and can see an empty
MsiDriverPackages custom table, MsiProcessDrivers, etc custom actions.
Using Orca.exe, I  add a record to the MsiDriverPackages custom table.

>From the log, I can say why it has failed.   
DIFXAPP: ERROR:  One or more files referenced by 'C:\Program
Files\Microsoft\DIFxAppSample\toastpkg.inf' cannot be found in the package. 
DIFXAPP: INFO:   RETURN: DriverPackageInstallW  (0xE0000303)
DIFXAPP: ERROR encountered while installing driver package C:\Program
But I can see the toastpkg.inf in  C:\Program Files\Microsoft\DIFxAppSample\
>From the log also, we can confirm that it is copying that file.
Action 9:14:23: InstallFiles. Copying new files
InstallFiles: File: toastpkg.inf,  Directory: C:\Program
Files\Microsoft\DIFxAppSample\,  Size: 3228
InstallFiles: File: PlugAndPlay.cat,  Directory: C:\Program
Files\Microsoft\DIFxAppSample\,  Size: 8695 

I  am searching for a solution to install the DIFXApp.msm sample from WIN
If you are able to install the drivers using DIFXApp.msm, DIFXAppSample.msi
from WIN DDK, Please let me the procedure.

As I am trying this for the first time , I might be having a completely
wrong understanding. 
I appreciate your help if you can point me in the right direction.

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