I have two installers for our project, one for 32 bit and one for 64
bit and I'm running into some problems with the x64 version.

My first question, is there a tutorial for how to build x64 installers
with wix 2.0 somewhere? I could have sworn I saw a link to one at some
point, but I can't find any such links in the Documentation sections
on wix.sourceforge, and I don't see anything on the subject in the
tutorial on Tramontana.

The specific problem in this case is the x64 installer was working
just fine but someone pointed out that one of the files was 32 bit and
thus should be installed to "Program Files (x86)" instead of the
normal Program Files folder.

The component already had "Win64="no"" set, so I figured I needed to
add a ProgramFilesFolder Directory as well as the ProgramFiles64Folder
directory, but that caused errors such as "Duplicate symbol
'Directory:INSTALLDIR'" found. So I started looking around for how to
have the hierarchies beneath both ProgramFilesFolder and
ProgramFiles64Folder mirror each other.

Instead what I found was a post claiming "I don't think you want to
reference ProgramFiles64Folder either. Use ProgramFilesFolder and
Windows Installer will put things in the correct directory based upon
the Component's Win64 setting."

I tried that out, and instead _everything_ got installed to "Program
Files (x86)", regardless of what its Win64 tag was set to.

I have " InstallerVersion="200" Compressed="yes" Platforms="x64"" in
the Package element, and "Win64="yes"" for all the components (except
the one that's _supposed_ to end up in the x86 folder of course.)

So was that post wrong and I need to find a different method, and if
so what? Or was that post right and I'm trying to implement it

Thanks for the help!

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