One of the other Richard's wrote:

> How do you know that your service starts properly at all?
> Since you're installing it, I assume that you've written and debugged
> it already, but you didn't say.

A very common problem (which appears frequently on the mailing list)
related to installation of services is that the service has a dependency
on something (e.g. on debug versions of runtime files, or even just
standard runtime files) that may not be present on the end user's

Another very common problem is inappropriate sequencing of the service
start operation. An example would be attempting to start a service
before the files have been installed. (Don't laugh... that really has

One thing I find helpful in such situations is at the point when the
installation fails, I switch immediately (without acknowledging the
error) to the "manage my computer" services area and attempt to start
the service manually. Typically it will also fail there, and you can
then look for missing dependencies etc.

Hope this helps.


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