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> I am using the same Exe for my .msi . I think there is no problem with the
> exe.

OK, then it comes down to whether or not you are referencing
everything in the ServiceInstall properly.  I've used MSIs to install
and manipulate services and if everything matches properly, its a
no-brainer, but if anything in the ServiceInstall or ServiceControl
tables are specified wrong, then it will fail and you get that generic
error message.

In particular, your display name is *not* used to control the service,
but rather its service name is used.

The ServiceInstall table (and the corresponding element in WiX) is
essentially a table form of all the arguments to the Win32 API
::CreateService and the ServiceControl table (and corresponding
element in WiX) is essentially a table form of the sequence
::OpenService, ::ControlService, and ::CloseServiceHandle.

If your service installs properly outside of your MSI and your MSI
fails, then your data is just plain wrong.  Check all the data against
what your service expects/needs.
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