Little Play, 1 Act, 3 scenes.

Scene 1.

Dan Waber:  The silence between words

Lanny Quarles:  scabs

Alan Sondheim:  filtered until patterns are discerned.

mIEKAL aND:  One word.

Bob BrueckL:  If only I could never be there enough.

Lewis LaCook:  for Mary.

John Lowther:  I am, I am, I'm, I am, I am, I'm,
                         my true love, anyhow that's me.
                         But I am up for what comes.

Lucio Agra:  Gorgeous ambience.

Scene 2.

Allen Bramhall:  startled and palpably touched,
                           paradise knows, dingbats, too
                           abstruse, murmuring, smoke of poems,
                           infringing, with the rinds of candied limes,
                           in proportion to, they were cloudy,
                           and very grainy, unveiled before

Alan Sondheim:  The others are long-wire sounds.

Sheila Murphy:  What a beautiful piece

Harrison Jeff:  or waking to "spectral"

Alan Sondheim:  The shuddering, sky-murmur, untuned,
                            U-shaped long wire antenna.  Spectrum,
                            aurality, digital, raw, stars

John M. Bennett:  an a dumpster, melting, crust, rot, dim,
                             jot, eat, sprawl, rumple, smouldered,
                             toothache, swarm, bile

Tony Trigilio:  intersect the lines of this "x" from its cross.
                        Radiant rants

Scene 3.

Bjorn Magnhildoen:  what, can you change it left?
                                  Come when I am here, dissolving
                                  substance, zero bites hard.

Jukka-Pekka Kervinen:  floppy, whack impact, proposition,
                                       discontinuity, speech, interface, map

Alan Sondheim:  Now it appears in dreamtime.  Sacrifice
                           of being      siphon      cipher      hyphen

Allen Bramhall:  silver-plated, signal, grazing, fire, balls,
                           your head to desire is a woman, bottom,
                           roughly towards, tinges towards, wireless

Alan Sondheim:  I create forms and spaces so that bodies
                           may sway and move to distinct modalities.


--Bob BrueckL

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