Why doesn't anyone push the barrow saying "Font sizes should be LARGE by
default, and designers should MAKE THE FONT SMALLER if/when they don't like
it." Why do we aim to please designers and expect users to make the
adjustments? I don't get it. But then, I skipped all the subjects on
typography at uni!

Hoping the average Joe will fiddle with their browser environment is way out
of line, from a usability perspective. You want users to focus on their task
and working in that domain - simple and direct feedback as they accomplish
what they set out to achieve. Having to stop and figure out "computer stuff"
(yet again) is distracting at least, confusing and frustrating for many. Ah
but reality never quite reaches Utopia does it? :)

But I'm heartened to see that CSS3 looks to include more font keywords.
CSS2 gave us "menu", "icon", "caption", etc. These use the fonts (sizes and
styles) as specified in the desktop settings of the computer. You would
hope, at least, that the user has their computer configured to their
personal preference. (Sorry... doesn't help with the netcafe scenario, does
it). Does make you wonder why IE (in particular) doesn't pick up any of the
desktop settings for use as a default font size. Why is that?

I was disappointed CSS2 never had a font keyword for standard window text.
Perhaps CSS3 will help us finally put the font issue to rest - or at least
down a very deep pit where I don't have to listen to it anymore. Sorry but
I've copped almost a years worth of discussion on this at work, directly and
indirectly. Fonts. Grrr. Perhaps it's time to render all text as images once
more! *ducks*

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