Thanks for all those thoughts - I'd guessed it pretty much but it's nice to have confirmation. I'll let you know what the site owners say!

( had a similar problem and were oblivious to the fact the site didn't work on anything other than their setup. I ended up emailing them the simple solution, though I'm not sure they've implemented it yet)


On 11 Dec 2003, at 22:56, James Ellis wrote:

Looks like they are using Javascript to launch links. Doesn't work in Firebird. Venkman gives it a big thumbs down.

"Error: document.newsnav has no properties
Source File:
Line: 68"

The JS file has an ASP extension.

Gotta love those spacer gifs.


Jonathan Baldwin wrote:

I just visited the web site of Gramophone magazine, looking for a CD review. I'm using Safari - the buttons on the site don't work, they're all just # links.
I've looked in the source code and am wondering why they don't work before I email them and let them know. Any guesses it might be a case of "this site does not support Macs?" Whatever the problem my bleary eyes just aren't seeing it.

I'm interested to know the reason it's "broken" (if it is) so I can use it as an example of what to avoid with students at some point.


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