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" Q: How can I control print headers and footers with CSS?

The page numbers, URL, date and other peripheral information that may be printed with a Web page cannot be controlled by CSS in mainstream Web browsers. CSS properties can only affect the so-called canvas area of the browser, the part where the HTML is rendered, not browser-specific features like page headers and footers.

Incidentally, any print margin you set on the HTML body element will typically be applied in addition to the print margins set by the user.

If you really need a high level of print control for Web documents, you may be better off using Adobe PDF, or writing some really clear, friendly user instructions. "

Neerav Bhatt
Web Development & IT consultancy

Barbara Dozetos wrote:
I should have added that I'm looking for something that works in IE for 98 as the lowest common denominator... That's what most of our visitors use.


Barbara Dozetos wrote:

Hi all --

Me again, working on a print style sheet. Is there some way to control the headers and footers that are automatically added to a page printed from a browser? Can I add something to the line where the page numbers are?

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