I've done that with a header for the print version only, but because we can't reliably control page breaks, I'm lost on how to make sure our logo shows up on each printed page. All is fine if it prints out to only one page, or even two, because I can use both a header and a footer, but the pages in between are left without the logo.

Any ideas?


Bert Doorn wrote:

Hi Barbara

The easiest way, for me, was to add the header in a paragraph or div at the
bottom of the page, hiding it in the "display" style sheet and displaying it
in the "print" style sheet.

See my site www.betterwebdesign.com.au for an example (do a print preview on
any page - quite different from onscreen layout).

I don't believe CSS can insert content itself - it's about presentation.
You may find a hack that will interact with the browser's page setup, but
I'm not aware of any and it will depend on the browser used.


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