It was not Barbara's features I was highlighting (please don't take that the wrong way), just the fact that generally designing a web site for a majority, inherently means you are discriminating against a minority.
Minorities rule in a court of law.
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In this particular case though, I'm assuming the styling that Barbara is after is only an "extra" feature, some eye candy, and that the printouts still make sense on browsers that don't support print, as well meant as the warning was, let's not lose sight of the real issues.

If I say "our site is designed to look nice in browsers that support standards-compliant code", for instance, I'm not discriminating against users of old/alternate browsers as long as it degrades gracefully and still makes sense without the styles...

Of course, if Barbara was hoping to put essential information in purely CSS generated headers/footers, which would not appear in browsers which don't support print styles, then yes, your point is valid...


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> Just a quick note to all UK designers out there (can't speak for other countries), if you design with 'most of our
> visitors' in mind be afraid, very afraid. A printed page with headers and footers stating Disabilities
> Discrimination Act 1995 could be heading your way soon.
> Unless your designing an Intranet or a network site that is not available to the public, design your site with
> everybody in mind, regardless of what your user reports tell you.
> One of the main reasons for standards is accessibility to all.
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