Cade Whitbourn wrote:
Can anyone help me identify what's going wrong with the following layout in
IE6/Windows. I've been struggling with it all morning, and I suspect there
may be a simple fix that I've just overlooked.
The page:

The problem: In IE, when the browser viewport is decreased to less than the
width of the table, the table drops down to below the bottom of the list,
but the heading stays in place.

I want the table to stay in place and just have horizontal scroll bars.

Alright, but this is going to be one long and awful hack...

Put it at the very bottom of your stylesheet, and see IE6 behave like
Firefox-- until something else break the layout.

@media all {
* html #globalnav {margin-right: -157px;}
* html div#content {height: 0;}
* html div#content table {float: left; margin-right: -800px; position:
relative; }

Tested in IE6 on win2K-pro, on your example-page.

CSS is fun... and IE6 is even more fun.

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