With respect Christopher, I think you're missing the point. To take your
analogy further, it seems to me that making web designers <em>solely<em>
responsible for dealing with accessibility is like telling architects
they're off the hook with regard to ramps etc, and getting the decorators to
carry the disabled into the buildings. . .

Until the ramps are built, we decorators do carry folk in and out, but the
ultimate responsibility is with the architects, not us. And that often
doesn't seem to be the case.

Bob McClelland,
Cornwall (U.K.)

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Possibly so, but is an architect being given the short straw by being
required to include ramps and elevators in the design of a building?  It
has to be done because of the 'shortcomings" of my assistive technology,
my wheelchair, that cannot climb stairs or levitate.

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