If you have to do it this way, and like everyone else I don't recommend it, then you could help the SEO by adding the pages in link tags to the head.

see http://www.w3schools.com/tags/tag_link.asp for more info.


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On 11/20/05, kvnmcwebn <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Thanks for the replies
-this is going to be tuff-

>>....the menu functionality relies completely on _javascript_.....
>>Unless you do provide some other form of navigation that links >>to those
pages, you're effectively hiding
>>your pages from search engines.

The .net programmer could make the form controls server side
but would putting a token list of the links in the footer
solve the seo problems at all?

Theres no way of breaking down the navigation into smaller
chunks without creating a mystery meat situation.

The brothercake dhtml menus seem like an option/last resort-
but can a dhtml or css drop down menu force the page to scroll while  a user
follows a long list of links with the mouse?

Here was the simple method that i suggested..
but the client has strong opinions against scrolling.


Here was another suggestion that i thought might work
but they are not impressed. (view in ie)

what about these simpler methods?

thanks again

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